Setting Up A New Mac

13” Macbook Pro with Touch Bar
They never stay dust–free for long...

Despite living in the Mac ecosystem for some time now, I haven’t started afresh with macOS in some time.

Unlike with Windows—which I’d frequently nuke to get that minty fresh...

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Mixin Photoessay

Today I finally got around to shipping photoessays, a section where I hope to produce longer-form content with a focus on photography.

It’s something I’ve thought about and worked on and off on a number of times, and what...

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Wrangling OGP Tags

Rangling OGP Tags
Can we get more meta? Oh, ohh

Recently I’ve found myself tackling rich link unfurling on websites such as Twitter, Facebook, Slack.

It’s a small thing, but it’s just an extra layer of polish that—along with gratuitous...

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Being Open

Be Open

After the culmination of eighteen months of hard work, the inaugural Mixin Conference was held last week. A week later, I’m still reeling from the whirlwind experience.

I feel so incredibly lucky for all the amazing people...

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