The Year So Far

We’re around halfway through 2017 already. I can’t believe I’m here now, trying to reflect on the year so far.

Nevertheless, here’s what’s happened in 2017 so far…

Mixin takes a break

At the start of the year, myself and the other Mixin organisers decided that we would not run Mixin in 2017. We announced this six months after the inagural conference.

Helping to organise Mixin was one of the most rewarding experiences, but it was also a monumental effort. We felt we were unable to commit to a yearly schedule, and want to take the time to make the next conference as good.

Traveling to Tokyo & Kyoto

When ever I say 2017 feels like it’s gone really fast, I need to remind myself it was only in January that I travelled to Tokyo and Kyoto. Because in some ways, it feels like a lifetime ago.

Traveling to Japan was such an incredible experience for me. I know I need to return — the only question is when.

Speaking around Australia

Localhost Deployment in Brisbane, June 9

Just over a week ago, the culmination of a few months of talk preparation and planning came to fruition in the form of the Localhost Deployment tour.

Organised by the Localhost Perth team — Patima, Teegan, DT and Corey — the Localhost Deployment tour consisted of four speakers from four cities, speaking in four cities, over four days.

Localhost Deployment

I was honoured, through the call for speakers process, to be selected as the Perth speaker, along side Glen Maddern from Melbourne, Simon Wright from Sydney (and Perth, once upon a time!), and Anna Harrison from Brisbane.

Since April, I’ve been working on a talk — Less Glamorous Elements of Design — which I debuted at the Localhost Deployment tour.

To my delight, the talk was really well received. I still need to work on delivery, but I was very happy with how the talks went, once the technical difficulties were ironed out!

It was a very valuable experience, being able to give a talk four nights in a row, allowing the speakers to get feedback and iterate on the contents and delivery much quicker than ordinarily possible.

I intend to focus on some lessons learned from this speaker gauntlet in a future blog post. In the mean time, a big thank you to Patima, Teegan, DT, Corey, Ryan, and the other volunteers who made the event possible!

Personal Feels

I wasn’t in a great place at the end of 2016, and the beginning of 2017. I’m a pretty private person, and won’t go into specifics, but early this year some pretty big things happened in my personal life, and I learned above all to trust my own feels.

Only a few months later, and I couldn’t be happier. I’ve met someone truly wonderful, and I wish I’d listened to myself sooner. I have a hard time with expectations — particularly the prospect of ‘failing’ someone else. But I realised that I can’t sacrifice my own feelings in order to feel like I’m not failing other’s expectations of me.


My list of side–projects, things to learn, and books to read, has continued to grow. Unfortunately, I don’t feel like I’ve made much of a dent in any of them. That said, there’s a couple of goals I do hope to achieve, which I’ll check in with at the end of 2017.

☐ Launch Community Focused Side Project — I’ve been on and off mulling over and working on a side project, with the goal of helping bring different parts of our community together, but not through traditional meetups or conferences. I hope to have more to say about it soon.

☐ Use Gatsby.js in an upcoming application — I’m all about that static site generator life. And I have a perfect opportunity to use it… If it fits the requirements.

☐ Make some progress on my reading list — I tried doing the thing where you drink a coffee and read a book today. It was quite nice, I want to find time to do that again, with enough frequency to get my to–read list a little more under control.

☐ Speak at meetups more — I have a few more talks in mind. I’d also really like an opportunity to polish up and redo my talk presented at Localhost last year about Static Site generators.

That’s all for now

2017, you’re going by so fast. There’s a whole lot more I hope to accomplish before the year is through!