With how much of a spectator sport Apple event coverage has become1, it’s hard to know how much my thoughts and feelings on the event are my own, and just how much is influenced from takes in the community.

Twelve years ago and firmly rooted in the...

CSS Grid a Day


I’ve been meaning to properly learn CSS Grid for some time now.

Two things occured recently. I finally got around to watching Wes Bos’ excellent (and free) Learn Grid screencast series, and my hardcover copy of Andy Clarke’s Art Direction for...


During free moments I had over the weekend, I devised and put together Ingrid, a free Sketch template for creating seamlessly tiling Instagram posts.

Ingrid is based on a method I first used to create a tiled image composition for Instagram

Better price for anyone looking for a good sound home speaker.

I like that a $50.00 USD price cut only translates to $30.00 AUD off, for us.

Hi This Is Flume

A harsh, abrasive, and melodically beautiful mixtape.

Apple as Content Middleman

It feels like the other shoe has dropped.

For the past few years, Apple has been talking up their active install base, and hot on the heels of their slightly disappointing earnings miss last quarter, we have the next suite of services, that in part...

From February 6–19th we visited Japan, traveling through Osaka, Kyoto, and Tokyo. Here are some of our highlights!

Phil Coffman on bringing back his personal blog:

Nostalgia rains heavy on me. I’ve been doing this internet thing for awhile now to where reflecting back on early years of my web career (internet years which are like dog years) feels like another lifetime. I, like many others, found a lot of my online community through blogging. I used Google Reader daily. It was a thrill seeing new RSS links show up. I loved sharing inspiration and thoughts from my perspective. I still do, but along the way I lost my unique and personally crafted vessel. I gave it up for the allure of Twitter and other social networks.

I feel this quite viscerally. I’ve withdrawn from most social networks in the past couple of years—quite accidentally.

While I fear I’m missing out, the emphasis on algorithmic timelines—specifically designed to grab and keep our attention—feels like it has come at the cost of a surge in anxiety and stress.

On the up-side, I’ve been taking some steps to reboot this blog, so that I can express myself here more frequently.

There’s no dopamine rush from the engagement metrics provided by Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, but that’s kind of nice—I’m writing for myself.

I hope you find value in what I have to say, but I’m not chasing an algorithm.


Last month, I traveled to Japan again.

I often put together an itinerary before traveling, in order to:

  1. Bring siloed information together
  2. Present information in a useful format

I’ve toyed with the idea of tackling a travel itinerary, with plenty...

Embarassingly-late update:

It turns out there’s a limitation with iA Writer’s URL schemes feature. Unfortunately, the path parameter cannot currently create new directories.