The Dumbest Smart Device Feature

Of all the things to pull me out of my blogging hiatus…

From Chris Welch at The Verge:

In May, Sonos will stop providing software updates for its oldest products, and they’ll no longer receive any new features. The decision impacts “legacy” devices...

Page composition with Yaml and Middleman

Page Composition

Yesterday I published a photoessay of my February trip to Japan.

I’ve been experimenting with techniques to produce photoessays since 2015. While I find it a little alarming I’ve been tackling essentially the same problem on and off for over...

Electronic producer SynaMax has uncovered a number of EMU Proteus 2000 and Korg MS2000 patches used by musician Kenji Kamamoto in the Metroid Prime Trilogy soundtracks:

Here’s a list of the EMU Proteus 2000 patches that I’ve found so far in Metroid Prime. There’s a few more known patches that are used, but I’ll include them in a future video. There’s also a bunch of sounds that are still unidentified so if you can figure out a patch or sample, please let me know.

Since this first video, he has posted three follow-up videos tracking down more patches, and even recreated several tracks using these patches.

The Metroid Prime trilogy represent some of my favourite games1, they have such a distint style, both visually and aurally.

It’s fascinating to get a behind–the–scenes look at the origin of some of the iconic beats and melodies, produced some 17 years ago.

  1. The original Metroid Prime is my favourite game of all time. It was a watershed moment for me. The signature Metroid atmosphere—and sense of exploration and isolation—beautifully realised in 3D. It had such a cohesive style—from sound design to UI Design. It was ahead of its time. 

With how much of a spectator sport Apple event coverage has become1, it’s hard to know how much my thoughts and feelings on the event are my own, and just how much is influenced from takes in the community.

Twelve years ago and firmly rooted in the...

CSS Grid a Day


I’ve been meaning to properly learn CSS Grid for some time now.

Two things occured recently. I finally got around to watching Wes Bos’ excellent (and free) Learn Grid screencast series, and my hardcover copy of Andy Clarke’s Art Direction for...


During free moments I had over the weekend, I devised and put together Ingrid, a free Sketch template for creating seamlessly tiling Instagram posts.

Ingrid is based on a method I first used to create a tiled image composition for Instagram

Better price for anyone looking for a good sound home speaker.

I like that a $50.00 USD price cut only translates to $30.00 AUD off, for us.

Hi This Is Flume

A harsh, abrasive, and melodically beautiful mixtape.

Apple as Content Middleman

It feels like the other shoe has dropped.

For the past few years, Apple has been talking up their active install base, and hot on the heels of their slightly disappointing earnings miss last quarter, we have the next suite of services, that in part...

From February 6–19th we visited Japan, traveling through Osaka, Kyoto, and Tokyo. Here are some of our highlights!