Happy Saturday!

Mixin Photoessay

Today I finally got around to shipping photoessays, a section where I hope to produce longer-form content with a focus on photography.

It’s something I’ve thought about and worked on and off on a number of times, and what better way to finally ship the thing than with a look back on Mixin 2016.

Reflecting on the photoessays work I can see — aside from sheer motivation from all the speakers — the manifestation of many learnings from the Mixin 2016 speakers.

Andy Clarke’s talk on art directed web design inspired me to design a non-standard grid layout. Una Kravets reminded me to perform some pre-emptive image optimisation techniques to keep things nice and snappy.

Jina Bolton’s talk on design systems got me thinking about how I could compose photoessays from reusable components, and Mike Riethmuller’s excellent fluid typography work informs the responsive typography.

I’ll have to write up some learnings from building the Photoessays section, or you can take a look on Github.
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