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Last month, I traveled to Japan again.

I often put together an itinerary before traveling, in order to:

  1. Bring siloed information together
  2. Present information in a useful format

I’ve toyed with the idea of tackling a travel itinerary, with plenty...

America trip photoessays

There’s a bit of a five year theme going on with me right now, isn’t there?

Five years ago today1, some good friends of mine and I traveled around America, traveling from San Francisco to New York over the course of 3½ weeks. It was an unforgettable...

Mixin Photoessay

Today I finally got around to shipping photoessays, a section where I hope to produce longer-form content with a focus on photography.

It’s something I’ve thought about and worked on and off on a number of times, and what better way to finally ship...

Wrangling OGP Tags

Rangling OGP Tags
We need to go deeper…

Recently I’ve found myself tackling rich link unfurling on websites such as Twitter, Facebook, Slack.

It’s a small thing, but it’s just an extra layer of polish that—along with gratuitous emoji usage—can make you and...