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Arriving in Kyoto

Snow, trains, and shrines

Arriving in Kyoto

Arriving in Kyoto

Jan 15, 2017

The shinkansen continued its speedy approach towards Kyoto, and as it did so, the winter weather seemed to intensify.

As the shinkansen continued south west, the sky turned grey and the snow came in.

The logistics of carrying my luggage in heavy snow started to dawn on me as the conditions outside got wilder.

And then—quite as suddenly as the wild weather appeared—blue skies returned.

The weather continued to improve as I got closer to Kyoto.

I arrived at Kyoto station and set off.

I exited the station and headed in the direction of my hotel, which was thankfully not too far from the station.

As I headed for the hotel, it began to snow. Thankfully, this was far more manageable than the snow I’d experienced in Yuzawa.

It did start to pick up, but crucially the ground was not slushy... yet.

I reached my hotel and checked in.

APA Hotel Kyoto Eki Horikawadori

〒600-8236 Kyoto Prefecture, Kyoto
15 Jan
Check in
19 Jan
Check out

After dropping my bags, I set off again. As I walked out of the hotel, a coffee shop across the road caught my eyes with its specialty coffee signifiers...

I was staying across the road from Kurasu—a place I’d purchased coffee equipment from all the way back in Perth.


下京区東油小路町552 (油小路通塩小路下る) Kyoto
What were the odds?

I grabbed a takeaway filter and set back off for the train station, intending to visit Fushimi–Inari shrine.

Snow fell gently as I waited for a train.

Soon a train arrived, and I was on my way...

Well, not for long. Due to the snow, our train abruptly stopped, and we received an announcement over the PA that our train would be delayed.

Good photo ops though

After what felt like an eternity, the train began to move again. Sunset was fast approaching now. I alighted and headed for the shrine.

Snow was falling thick and fast now. Nevertheless, many people—myself included—were keen to see the shrine.

Throwing caution to the wind I took the oppotunity to take photos, getting myself and my camera covered in snow.

I continued up the trail as sunset approached.

Once night had fallen, it was time to head back.

I returned to the train station and made my way back to Kyoto.

Having worked up quite an appetite, I set off for a highly rated ramen place.

Daiichi Asahi

下京区東塩小路向畑町845 Kyoto

One delicious bowl of ramen later, I traipsed through the ice and snow back to the hotel.

January 15th
Kyoto Shrines
January 16th
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