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Meiji Shrine

Harajuku and specialty coffee

Meiji Shrine

Arriving in Shibuya

Jan 7, 2017

Next morning, I awoke to discover some curious kids shows on Japanese TV.

I set off, heading north. Along the way, I took a detour via NHK studios so I could meet Domo-kun.

A short walk later, I arrived at Meiji shrine, just across from Harajuku station.

Walking down the path, I soon reached the main shrine.

Though I’m not particularly spiritual, I felt a sense of the significance this place held for locals, particularly as I entered the main shrine.

I looped around the shrine and exited, eastwards over Harajuku station towards more built up shops.

It appears shops don’t open on Sunday before 10, so I headed through Harajuku and some very charming, winding paths, towards a coffee shop that had been on my to-do list...

The Roastery by Nozy Coffee

神宮前5-17-13 (ダイイチHOKI神宮前ビル 1F), Shibuya

One excellent coffee later, I headed for a rabbit café...

Ra.a.g.f Rabbit Café

神宮前6-14-15 (メゾン原宿 3F) Shibuya

I headed up to the third floor of a rather unassuming building. A recurring theme in Tokyo.

The place was very cosy. The kind staff helped pick out a rabbit, and helped entertain them so that people could get photos.

Once my time was up, I headed back towards the Tokyu Plaza I had passed earlier, and had a quick look around. The crazy mirror entrance was definitely an effective way to draw people in from the streets.

Once I’d had a quick look around, I headed north, parallel with Harajuku station.

Opposite the station, I caught my first glimpse of Takeshita street, a bustling thoroughfair of variety stores, cafés, chains and... crêpes?

The place was packed and definitely gave me a sense of claustraphobia. It seemed so busy for an everyday Sunday afternoon.

After reaching the end of the strip, I began to wind my way back to the hotel, picking up some food from a 7 Eleven nearby.

Later, I emerged from my hotel into a cool, rainy evening.

Tokyo nightlife is nice, but seeing it in the rain felt so magical.

Eventually, after traipsing through Shibuya to find the bar I was heading for was closed, I went in search of dinner.


宇田川町31-2 (渋谷BEAM 6F), Shibuya

Nabezo is a chain of Shabu Shabu restaurants, providing all-you-can-eat hotpot buffets.

They have a bar full of salads, vegetables, udon and soba noodles, and other goods, and supply you with thin sliced meats you can cook in a broth.

Starting off the shabu shabu broth with some Udon noodles

This was a slightly-challenging (mainly because of my inability to use serving chop sticks effectively) but very enjoyable meal. And the ice cream bar for dessert was a great way to end the meal.

After dinner, I wandered back towards the hotel, stopping in to Tokyu Hands to gawk at all the amazing products available.

Arriving in Shibuya
January 7th
Shinjuku Views
January 9th
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