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Tokyo Dome

Giant ice creams, dumplings, and craft beer

Tokyo Dome

Arriving in Shibuya

Jan 7, 2017

The next day, I took a Metro line to Kudanshita station.

Walking through Kagurazaka, I came across the Canal Café along a river, which is actually the northern moat of the Imperial Palace.

After stopping to take some photos and admire the canal, I headed north, in the direction of the Tokyo Dome.

Nearly a week in Japan, and still the sheer scale of infrastructure... streets, overpasses—everything—just leaves me in awe.

I continued north...

And then headed east, going around Koishikawa Korakuen Garden...

After checking out a roof garden, I contiued along the path and reached Tokyo Dome, replete with its own rather amazing looking theme park.

Continuing through the massive stadium, I walked around the circumference of the theme park, eyeing off the various rides available.

After a quick lunch nearby, I decided to head back to Meiji Shrine for some dusk photography.

I caught a JR line to Harajuku from Souidōbashi station.

With some time to kill to sunset, I decided to wander down Takeshita street yet again, and decided to indulge my sweet tooth.

Croquant Chou ZakuZaku

神宮1-7-1 (CUTE CUBE HARAJUKU 1F) Shibuya

I’d heard great things about their custard puffs, unfortunately I never got around to trying it...

I only had eyes for their ridiculous–looking soft serve ice cream.

No regrets... Okay, there were some

With that sugar kick, it was time to wander a little further afield, burn some calories, and ingest some caffiene to ease the sugar crash that was sure to otherwise kick–in.

Deus Ex Machina

神宮前3-29-5 Shibuya

Deus Ex Machina was a hip joint bursting with personality and serving some excellent coffee.

Their food menu would have been tempting had I not just ingested too much ice cream, and it was mere hours before I’d be wanting to sample some of their drinks menu too.

Nevertheless, soon it was time to head back to Meiji for sunset.

It was a beautiful evening, I walked back through the familiar path, stopping occasionally to take photos.

I re–entered the main temple and took some photos, tempoarily getting accousted to take a group photo for some tourists.

Sunset approached as I exited the main shrine.

I headed back across the bridge toward Harajuku, a beautiful sunset in progress with some magnificent cloud forms.

As night fell, I decided it was naturally time for a beer.

Baird Beer Taproom

神宮前1-20-13 (ノーサレンダービル 2F) Shibuya
Craft Beer

One or two beers later, it was time to find some dinner.

Harajuku Gyoza Lou

神宮前6-2-4 (岡島ビル) Shibuya

Harajuku Gyoza Lou was a true gem of a place. Authentic, inexpensive and cheerful Gyoza awaited.

I ordered some fried gyoza and hot sake.

Once I was done, it was time to meander home... But first...


神宮前6-1-9 Shibuya

Except for getting distracted by a multi–level toy, game, and gift shop in the form of Kiddy Land Harajuku.

After exploring the many levels of the store and coming across what appears to be the same distended Pikachu featured in a photo a friend shared from a meme page, it was time to head off...

... For one more drink.

Rock no Cocoro

神宮前6-1-9 Shibuya
Ghibli Mueseum
January 12th
Yuzawa Snow
January 14th
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