The next morning I packed, getting everything in place to check out of my hotel.

Before leaving, I headed to another bakery near my hotel, having acquired a taste for baked goods the day prior.

After breakfast, it was time to check out, and then walk the familiar path south to Shibuya Station.

Encumbered with my luggage, I didn’t stop to take many photos.

At the station, I boarded a train headed for Tokyo. From there I transferred to a shinkansen platform.


Taking a Shinkansen to Kyoto seemed similar, yet preferable, to air travel, for a number of reasons.

For one, the departures were every 45 minutes or so, and most trains had carriages without reserved seating.

It was trivial to rock up on the platform, line up at a non-reserved carriage, grab some takeaway lunch, and overall have a much more pleasant experience than air travel.

Soon, we were off and away.

P1150035 P1150046
P1150039 P1150063

The Hikari Express I was on only had a half dozen or so stops. And it was really booking it between stops.

As the shinkansen drew closer to Kyoto, the weather began to change…

P1150075 P1150085
P1150079 P1150090

If I’d thought I’d seen the last of snow in Yuzawa, it looked like I had another thing coming…