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Dōtonbori Nightlife

Arriving in Osaka

Dōtonbori Nightlife

Dōtonbori Nightlife

Feb 6, 2019

We arrive at Perth airport around 3am.

Dropping our luggage at bag drop, we headed towards International Departures, pausing for a quick coffee, and to catch our breath.

After clearing security, we made our way for Gate 52, and waited for boarding.

Sunrise arrives as we waited at the terminal, allowing us to see luggage and meals for the flight being loaded into the aircraft.

Before long, our boarding group was called, and we made our way onto the aircraft, finding our assigned seats.

SQ 224

Singapore Airlines

Once we reached cruising altitude, I took the opportunity to work on side projects, and watch a couple of movies.

One comfortable, uneventful flight later, we arrived at Changi Airport.

On most occasions, I’ve passed through Changi late at night. This time, it’s just before midday. For some reason, Changi seems less imposing, and easier to navigate during broad daylight.

Our 2 hour layover allows us to meander to our next gate without rushing.

We take a Skytrain from T2 to T3, for our connecting flight to Osaka.

We reach gate 10B, and pass through the security checkpoint.

SQ 622

Singapore Airlines

The cabin for our Osaka flight is a bit newer than our first aircraft.

I watch some movies, reacquainting myself with Japanese draft beer, while Alyssa reads and practises sketching.

Several hours later, our plane lands at Kansai International Airport.

We gratefully depart the aircraft, stretching our legs, and making our way through the dark, quiet airport.

We board a shuttle for the main terminal.

Passing through Immigration, we collected our luggage.

We then emerged into cool Osaka night, heading for Kansai-airport Station, where we took an express train to Namba station.

We headed steadily north towards Namba station, the lights from cars, streets, and buildings winking against an inky blue sky.

We emerge at Namba station, and continued north on foot towards our hotel, grateful for the chance to stretch our legs.

As we continue North-east on foot, we approached the east entrance of Namba Nankai, an arcade of shops, and eateries, that branches North towards Dōtonbori.

Late as it was, Dōtonbori was crowded with nightlife.

We continued through the throngs of crowds toward our hotel, we’d be better able to stop and look around once we had dropped our bags.

Eventually, we reached our hotel, checked in, and dropped our bags.

Hotel Code

1 Chome-16-30 Higashishinsaibashi, Chuo Ward, Osaka
6 Feb
Check in
8 Feb
Check out

The room was a pretty standard configuration for a hotel in Japan, we gratefully dropped our bags in the cozy room, and caught our breath.

Although it was getting late, we were feeling rather energised.

I setup the Wifi router that had been delivered to the hotel for us, and we set out again, taking in the Osaka nightlife.

We headed south, back towards the Dōtonbori street, looking for snacks.

We paused at Dōtonbori River to admire the view.

We continued south, back towards the Dōtonbori strip.

In the last half an hour or so, many stalls had begun to close. Yet there were still quite large crowds.

We wandered around Dōtonbori for a little while longer, before conceding that we didn’t feel like going for a sit-down meal.

After a few laps, we decided to visit a convenience store, and pick up an assorted range of snacks to nibble on in the comfort of our hotel.

I also picked up a small bottle of whiskey for ¥238 (so cheap!)

Back in the hotel, we munched on some fried chicken, and some other rather satisfying convenience store snacks.

We turned in for the night, our only full day to explore Osaka ahead of us.

Shinsekai and Shitennō-ji
February 7th
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