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Arriving in Tokyo

Shibuya and Harajuku

Arriving in Tokyo

Dōtonbori Nightlife

Feb 6, 2019

The next morning, we decided to head to the Nishiki Markets one last time to get some more Konpeito before we had to check out.

We soon arrived at the familiar Nishiki street.

We picked up another couple of bags of Konpeito.

We continued through Nishiki Markets, stopping to check if Kofukudo was open for one last Melon Pan (sadly, it wasn’t).

We made our way back to the hotel, finished packing, and checked out.

Wheeling our luggage, we headed for Karasuma subway station.

We soon arived at Kyoto station.

At the station, we picked up some supplies—including a Sausage McMuffin each—before passing through to the Shinkansen platforms.

After picking up some snacks and drinks, we headed up to the platform.

Before long, we were on the Shinkansen, bound for Tokyo.

Onboard the Shinkansen, we ate our snacks.

By early afternoon, our Shinkansen pulled in to Tokyo station.

We descended from the Shinkansen platform and made our way through the busy Tokyo station, making our way for the Yamanote line bound for Shibuya.

We boarded a train and made our way west towards Shibuya on the Yamanote line.

A short train ride later, we alighted at Shibuya station.

We made our way Northwest through the familiar Shibuya Mark City, bound for our hotel.

Continuing Northwest, we headed towards APA Hotel.

We soon arrived at APA Hotel.

APA Hotel Dougenzakaue

〒150-0044 東京都渋谷区円山町20−番1号
12 Feb
Check in
19 Feb
Check out

We dropped bags, and headed out, deciding to stop by a nearby Lawson’s and grab some fried chicken for a snack.

We then crossed the road, and headed to About Life Coffee Brewers.

Takeaway coffee in hand, we headed south towards the Shibuya Scramble.

We made our way through the scramble, and up the main street.

Taking in the frantic pace of Shibuya, we wound our way back up the street.

With check-in time approaching, we circled back to APA Hotel, and checked in.

At sunset, we set off again.

We headed back through Shibuya Mark City.

We headed for the JR station, and we took the Yamanote line up towards Harajuku.

We headed down the crowded, and neon-lit Takashita-dori.

After a good look around, we made our way to a familiar craft beer venue.

Baird Beer Taproom Harajuku

Craft beer

After relaxing over a drink, we continued down Takashita Dori, continuing east, and making our way to a nearby toy store.

Kiddy Land

〒150-0001 東京都渋谷区神宮前6丁目1−9

After a good look around the many floors of Kiddy Land, we departed, and made our way back west towards Harajuku station.

We alighted at Gotanda station.

Exiting the station, we headed through Gotanda towards a nearby craft beer spot.

We took an elevator up to DevilCraft Gotanda.

DevilCraft Gotanda

〒141-0031 東京都品川区西五反田2丁目7−8 誠實(せいじつ)ビル9F
Craft Beer

We grabbed a table, and were soon joined by a fellow Perth-expat, Tim Oliver.

We ordered some beers, and some very delicious, Chicago deep-dish style pizza pies.

A few beers, and many slices of pizza later, we said goodbye, and left.

We made our way back to Gotanda station, and took a train west for Shibuya station.

We departed Shibuya Station, taking a detour through the crowded Shibuya Scramble nightlife, and headed down Shibuya Center-Gai.

Now quite late, we headed back for the hotel, to turn in for the night.

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