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Traveling to Kyoto

and local Shrines

Traveling to Kyoto

Dōtonbori Nightlife

Feb 6, 2019

We awoke the next morning, bags packed, and checked out of Hotel Code.

Luggage in tow, we headed North-west for Shinsaibashi station.

We made our way underground and boarded a train for Shin-Osaka station.

Our train traveled north, arriving at Shin-Osaka station.

We alighted, and made our way for the Shinkansen platforms.

Getting out bearings, we purchased our Shinkansen ticket and made our way into the station.

After exploring a few of the shops, we made our way up the escalator to the platform, and before long boarded a Shinkansen bound for Kyoto.

We settled in, and snacked on a Tayaki each in lieu of breakfast.

We were just settling in for our trip, when we suddenly found ourselves arriving in Kyoto.

It was only about fifteen minutes in total.

Making our way through the station, we headed for a connection to the subway towards downtown Kyoto, for our hotel.

We grabbed a onigiri from a 7 Eleven at the station, and transferred onto a subway platform.

2 Stops later, we emerged in downtown Kyoto.

The streets became smaller as we made our way to our hotel.

A few blocks from Karasuma station, we arrived at Imu Hotel.

Imu Hotel Kyoto

〒600-8445 京都府京都市下京区岩戸山町411
8 Feb
Check in
12 Feb
Check out

We entered the modern hotel, spoke to reception, and locked our bags with the self-serve bag rack in the lobby.

The lobby was a pleasant area, with an elevated platform with seating, a Nintendo Switch, and complimentary drinks.

We adjusted our day bags, and tried the 7 Eleven Beef Onigiri.

It was mid morning, but check-in wasn’t until 4:00pm, so we decided to go explore the local area, starting with Nishiki Markets.

We departed the hotel lobby, and headed back towards the main strip.

Walking through the quiet side streets, we made our way towards Nishiki Markets.

After a short walk through some side streets, we soon arrived.

We entered the bustling Nishiki markets.

We headed down the narrow market ailse, turning our heads to look at the wide variety of market stalls flanking us.

Passing through the various seafood and street food stalls, we sampled some popular Tamagoyaki.

Meat Shop Hiro

〒604-8871 京都府京都市中京区壬生朱雀町2−10
Wagyu Beef

We tried a skewer of Wagyu beef steak. The meat was flavoured nicely, tender, and juicy.

We continued down Nishiki, stopping in at a curry pan store towards the end of the markets.

As we reached the end of the markets, we reached a small shrine.

Working out way back towards the main strip, we headed towards a popular dessert place, serving Melon Pan with icecream.


〒600-8002 京都府京都市下京区御旅町18
Dessert place

The Melon pan was warm and fluffy, with a sugary crust like a biscuit.

The vanilla ice cream was sweet, and combined with the bread in a very satisfying bite.

After devouring the Melon pan, and with a fair bit of time until check-in remaining, we decided to heard towards the Kyoto CBD, to explore the shrines in the area.

We consulted Google maps, and grabbed a bus headed for Kyoto station.

A short bus ride later, we arrived at a bus terminal just outside of the JR Kyoto station.

Taking a brief detour through an underground shopping mall, we wound our way towards a coffee place I’d discovered a couple of years ago.


〒600-8235 京都府京都市下京区東油小路町552
Specialty Coffee

We took a seat, and savoured a coffee.

After a quick breather, we headed for some nearby temples.

We entered the temple, some early cherry blossoms already in bloom.

After a look around the first temple grounds, we continued on to the temple next door.

We walked up to the main temple, admiring the impressive and intricate architecture.

We exited the temple, and crossed the street to the alley opposite, walking through small, residential alleys on the way to our next temple.

As we walked, opened some hand (and foot) warmers.

We soon arrived at Higashihonganji Temple.

We entered the vast and impressive temple grounds.

We explored around the temple grounds, removed our shoes, and headed inside the main hall.

We left Higashiyama, and headed south towards Kyoto station.

Along the way, we popped in to a Lawsons, and picked up some fried chicken to snack on.

We took the Subway Karasuma line and made our way back to Imu Kyoto Hotel for a pit stop.

That evening, we re-emerged into evening Kyoto.

We headed for the main downtown Kyoto strip.

We made our way west, and after a short walk, arrived at Ponto-chō alley.

After a little exploration, we grabbed dinner nearby.

Omen Shijo

〒604-8014 京都府中京区柏屋町 京都市中京区四条通先斗町西入ル
Udon and Tempura

We settled in to Omen Shijo, for some enjoyable Udon and Tempura.

After a very filling dinner, we headed for a nearby bar for a nightcap.

Cafe La Siesta 8bit Edition

〒604-8024 京都府京都市中京区紙屋町366
Café and bar

Cafe La Siesta was a charming retro videogame themed bar, with some very tasty videogame themed cocktails.

After an enjoyable drink, we made our way back to the hotel and turned in for the night.

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