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Shinjuku Views

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Shinjuku Views

Arriving in Shibuya

Jan 7, 2017

The next morning I headed north from my hotel, and dropped in to a 7 Eleven to pick up a coffee decorated with cute cats.

It wasn’t single origin, that’s for sure

I continued north toward Yoyogi Park.

Yoyogi was a vast park. I traced the outline around to the left edge. Being mid winter, it was a little too early for the Cherry Blossom, but I could see how beautiful it would look a few months from now.

I continued my north-west trajectory, making a stop by to see if Little Nap Coffee stand was open—sadly, it wasn’t.

Taking a little nap, I guess

I continued walking from Yoyogi north, eventually making my way to Shinjuku.

Suddenly, I noticed the scale of buildings change as I reached Shinjuku proper.

I had arrived at Shinjuku station.

I wandered through the complex, and down the side of the station, where I found a place that made up for Little Nap Coffee stand being closed.

Blue Bottle Coffee Shinjuku

新宿4-1-6 (NEWoMan 1F), Shinjuku

I’d heard that this Blue Bottle can get ridiculously busy, so I felt quite lucky to be able to grab a takeaway filter without much hassle.

This filter station tho 👌

Coffee in tow, I made my way for the Metropolitan Government Building.

aesthetic symmetry

Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building

西新宿2-8-1m Shinjuku

I visited the South and North towers in turn.

After having my fill of photography and novel souvenir shopping, I left the government buildings.

After spending some time trying to decide where to go (I was somewhat curious to try a Japanese Sizzler branch nearby), I ended up finding a Hamburger BBQ place in Shinjuku.

溶岩焼ダイニング bonbori 新宿店

西新宿1-14-16 (114ビル 2階), Shinjuku
Hamburger BBQ

This BBQ place served up cheese burger patties on hot plates with a side of rice.

I placed my order on a vending machine, and exchanged it again for my deconstructed burger.

After the rather filling lunch, I headed back towards Shibuya via the JR line to Harajuku.

In Harajuku, I again headed down Takeshita street—which was far less crowded early Monday afternoon—and visited a local Owl café.

Unfortunately they were fully booked, so I made a reservation for the next day.

I walked back from Harajuku towards the hotel, back through some market stalls, where I spotted a rather photogenic french bulldog sitting in a pram.

That evening, I emerged from my hotel, made my way to the Shibuya station, and boarded a train to visit Akihabara.

I alighted from the train as sunset approached.

Akihabara at night hits you right in the face with its sights and sounds.

A truly visceral, visual sensory overload.

After wandering around many a lit up street, I headed for Yodobashi-Akiba, a truly enormous department store for videogames, and technology of all sorts. Including an incredible range of cameras.

It was all I could do not to impulse-buy the successor to my mirrorless camera

After determining I’d spend my travel allowance on drinks and food rather than new cameras, I headed for a nearby bar.

Beef Kitchen Stand

神田佐久間町2-13-20 (アパホテル 1F), Chiyoda
One hot sake

One hot sake later, and failing to drunkenly find a highly rated Soba place, I ended up at a Go-Curry Katsu curry chabin.

Go Go Curry

神田佐久間町1-16-1 (大橋ビル 1F), Chiyoda
Katsu Curry
Katsu curry is always delicious

Full of Katsu curry, I wandered around Akihabara exploring the streets and arcades.

Some time later—after somehow finding room for dessert from a nearby dessert shop near the station—I caught a train back to Shibuya, and turned in for the night.

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